Motiva 43 - 1991
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Saint George
Boat Information
Boat Type: Motorsailer/Pilothouse
Length: 49 feet / 14.94 meters
Beam: 13 feet / 3.96 meters
Draft: 5 feet / 1.52 meters
Berths: 7
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Builder: Motiva
Model: 43
Year Built: 1991
Condition: Good
Engines: 1 (Diesel)
Horse Power: 90
Hull Material: Steel
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Cellular: 00584121418476

Cellular: 00584121418476

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Boat Description

M O T I V A 43 large; Steel, cutter loop, cylindrical rib building with deck parlor and subsequent cockpit, according to Langkieler, blaze dovetails, outside above the waterline, deck and superstructures.

To standard description enclosed according to model and measurements. (The points marked with * are opposite the standard changed ). Dispacment of approx. 15 T. launch June 1991.

The ship only became can be owner sailed and can be singlehanded sailed, all sail maneuvers, including sail mountains, can be driven from the cockpit (except for blister pack).

The ship has 6 firm berths in 3 cabins (without deck parlor), plus 1 pilot berth in the transition to the owner cabin. The inside expansion occurred in teak, the cockpit is busy with teak, the deck is with very anti-slip color brightness-gray deleted. A spacious engine room which includes all aggregates as heating, compressors, machines, and so forth is under the deck parlor. Through that a lot of stowage is available extraordinarily in the whole ship.


Deck parlor with 2nd control desk and navigation corner. Parlor table for 6 persons with built-in refrigerator in console. Big U-sofa with a lot of stowage in the forecastle boxes (2 bikes, usw wind vane control).

Transition to owner cabin with pilot berth (also as a workbench usable) and cupboards for tool and oilskin, stowage among berth and port for the opening.

Owner cabin with double berth and a lot of cupboard room, sofa and book-shelves, increase norm television receiver Grundig.

Own toilet and separate shower. Large Luk and Various Ports to the open. Transition to the engine room in the shower.

Bow cabine StB with 2 single berths and cupboard. Luk, port and exhaust. Various stowage under the berth.

Pantry with Petrol and electrocook possibility, 120 L icebox (electrostoreroom), Big Work Areas and a lot of stowage in the cupboards, in the bilge and on various racks. Doublesink with flowing cold and hot water. Cutlery and equipment 12 teilig, pots, pans, pressure cooker and bowls. Luk and port for the opening.

Front toilet with toilet, shower and stowage. Luk for the opening.

Bow cabine with classical V-berth and semihigh berth at a page. (Card stackers or berth for child). Cupboard and card stackers. Luk and 2 side ports. Sail stowage among the berths.

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